Graphic Design

"I do graphic design for both tactile and digital media. You can hire me to design posters, album sleeves or any other type of physical packaging." 


Album Covers


I have designed an endless number of album sleeves over the years. These are some recent favourites.


 No Light: EP 7". Indisciplinarian

The Fashion: Sony Music / RCA /Epic Records


Evra:"Lightbearer". Prime Collective


Hammonds, Harrington & Destroy: "Sing The Apocalyse". Playground Music


Redwood Hill: "Collider". RWH


Bring Me The Horizon: "There Is A Hell Believe Me I´ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven Lets Keep It A Secret". Epitaph Records


I Killed The prom Queen: "Beloved". Epitaph Records




I design packaging for all types of goods. These are some recent products I have worked on.


Phantom Spirits identity and label design / Copenhell: Baphomet & Absindssyg. Identity, label design and packaging