Jakob Printzlau
Independent Creative Director.

jakob@plastickid.dk  ×  (+45) 26571615  ×  Nordvej 212, Thurø  ×  DK-5700 Svendborg.


Jakob Printzlau – independent creative director from Denmark creating enduring perceptions through iconic design and film. I tackle projects alone or via an extensive network of freelancers and production companies. 

I mostly work out of a small outhouse in my back yard on Thurø – a tiny island in the South of Denmark. I also have various outposts in Copenhagen & I travel for projects far and wide. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries.



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 A brief visit to my studio and a look at my story and my work. 


My Story:


For as long as i can remember i have processed the world around me with various types of art. As a young kid i made comic books and skatezines on my dad's worn out Xerox machine and handed them out to friends.  I spend hours in my room trying to draw perfect copies of Iron Maiden album covers – Until my early teens when i formed my first band in my parents attic with some skateboard buddies. 

Singing in bands took me on a long journey through the local punk rock scene and gave me a calling, which years later led to the signing of record deals and touring in most parts of the world. The time spend on the road, and the people i met in the process, would help set the foundation for longstanding career in arts. For a decade i expanded my network while working for various bands and record labels, creating music videos, merch designs and album covers from the road and my apartment in Copenhagen. 

For years i shifted between touring and working as an independent creative director. In 2010, as my current band broke up I decided to focus my energy on my work.

Fast forward to present day: I now live in the quiet countryside in the south of Denmark with my wife and my three beautiful sons. I work out of an outhouse studio in my backyard creating film and design projects for an ever growing range of clients. 

I look back in awe at the arbitrary journey that led me to this this little space. I still look ahead with the same sense of hunger i did when i started out. I have earned my spot with years of hard knocks, perseverance and a willingness to learn. And im not about to quit. The future is as bright as ever, and am stoked to for the coming adventures and where they will take me...