"Jakob Printzlau: Independent Creative Director from Denmark making enduring perceptions through iconic design and film. Tackling projects alone or via an extensive network of freelancers and production companies, I operate out of an outhouse in my back yard on Thurø – a tiny island in the South of Denmark. I engage with an ever expanding list of clients, from small independent artists, to some of the worlds biggest brands, in the span between corporate projects and exploratory play..."


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Graphic Designer, Film Maker, Husband, Father & Occasional Punk Rock Singer 


For as long as i can remember i have processed the world around me through various types of art. As a young kid I made comic books and skatezines on my dad's worn out photocopy machine and handed them out to friends. I spend hours in my room in voluntary seclusion trying to draw perfect copies of Iron Maiden album covers, and practicing in front of mirrors with tennis rackets, screaming along to my favourite records. In my early teens I formed my first band with some friends in my parents attic. We were all gravitating towards the skateboarding environment where cutting edge art, punk, thrash metal and rebellious attitude where all key points. 

Singing in bands took me on a long journey through the european underground scenes and gave me a purpose, which years later led to the signing of major record deals and touring in most parts of the world. Spending a lot of years in my youth in a tour van exposed me to a lot of ideals and individuals – all of which helped shape a certain aesthetic that would resonate through everything i got involved in.

Being active as a musician I subsequently set a foundation for my life as a creative director. I was gradually learning the crafts of graphic design and film making as i made album covers and music videos for the band. Not as much out of career ambition, but rather as a way to maintain creative control and expand my means of expression. The fact that i was both the client and the designer made it really easy to create an uncompromising work ethic - trusting your gut feeling and answering to no one. 

Being signed to a major US record label, gave me a platform to expose my work through the band. As a result, one of the first music video i ever directed, won me several awards and screenings at renowned festivals such as SXSW Film Festival. People were starting to pay attention to my creative efforts, and i was gradually asked more and more to work for other artists. Through almost a decade i expanded my network as I was working for friends in various bands and record labels, creating music videos, merch designs and album covers. Working from the road and out of my apartment in Copenhagen, I shifted between traveling with the band and working as a creative director at agencies when i was home. In 2010, as my band was breaking up, I decided to finally step away from both touring and agency jobs while focusing more energy on balancing work and family life. After a long period of having an equal focus on the two, I chose to turn the "musician" knob way down while cranking the "freelancer" knob to eleven.

Fast forward to present day: I now live in the countryside in the south of Denmark with my wife and my three sons. I work out of a small outhouse in my backyard - engaging with an ever expanding list of clients from small independent artists to some of the worlds biggest brands. My studio overlooks an apple orchard by the ocean, providing the perfect back drop for long days engaged in work and play - and in the limbo between the two. 

I am available for projects in film and design. If you wish to work with me please be in touch ».

Easy Living, Hard Working.

“My studio overlooks an apple orchard by the ocean, providing the perfect back drop for long days engaged in work and play - and in the limbo between the two...”